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We give a standard 30 Day Guarantee that the avionics you purchase are as-described and function accordingly!   Some units may specifiy a longer guarantee period such as 60 or 90 days.  Units sold in Core condition or For Parts have no Guarantee.

If your unit arrives in a condition other than described, please contact us immeadiately.  

Most of the units that we sell are in "Used, As-Removed" condition.  They are not "refurbished" and may have cosmetic flaws.  Since our avionics are removed from flying airplanes undergoing avionics upgrades,  we do not have every unit tagged with 8130 paperwork.  This allows us to sell good used avionics at a lower price and keep the cost down for the end user.  

Our 30 Day Guarantee begins when the unit arrives.  This give ample time for it to be installed and tested.   If you are doing a new installation and are several weeks out, it is your responsibility to have the unit tested by your avionics technician within this period to ensure it as arrived as-described.  

We can not assume responsibility for avionics that are initially tested or installed past the 30 day guarantee period.